for anyone who is at home anywhere in the world and still wants to retain their personal style. spontaneous, adaptable and always personal.

the WANDERBOX: 7 furniture in a box

The WANDERBOX is the living concept for modern-day nomads. The ideal companion for those who wish to live flexibly, dynamically and sustainably.


Measuring a compact 1 m³ (L|H|W 2.00 | 1.25 | 0.40 m), there is room for a bed (max. width 1.20 m), a table, two benches, a shelf unit, a wardrobe and storage space. There is also room for other personal belongings (such as bike, books, music system …). When closed, the space-saving WANDERBOX is robust and designed for convenient transportation. Instead of constantly having to buy new single-use furniture, which is expensive and a burden on the environment, the WANDERBOX is all about simplicity, quality, design and reuse.

bed + cupboard + shelf unit + table + 2 benches + storage space = 1 m³ transport volume 


The WANDERBOX contains everything needed for living: bed, cupboard, wardrobe, table, benches and storage space. Cleverly thought-out connections make it possible to fit the individual pieces of furniture together to form one compact box. This sophisticated furniture set also provides 1 m³ of space for transporting personal belongings. The WANDERBOX is handmade in Germany using natural materials. In addition, we offer the option of sending the WANDERBOX simply and securely anywhere in the world via an international logistics company. This makes the WANDERBOX the ideal companion for anyone who wishes to live flexibly, dynamically and sustainably.

WANDERBOX: more sustainable and mobile living with stylish design


We increasingly want to explore and experience the world – literally push our boundaries. Living in Zurich last year, Berlin today and perhaps New York in two years’ time. So we offer the option of sending the WANDERBOX anywhere in the world via an international logistics company.  Small living space is becoming a trend, giving people the flexibility they need and the option to keep their costs under control. The concept of tiny living allows them to live on a small footprint while maintaining high design standards. It is not so much about having many possessions, but rather surrounding yourself with the right things that are of real value. At the same time, despite our love of mobility, we are also committed to sustainable living. Constantly buying new furniture only to throw it away again is not our thing. We want high-quality, long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing furniture that we can keep for a long time. Just like the WANDERBOX.

So we offer the option of sending the WANDERBOX anywhere in the world via an international logistics company. 

mobility, design and sustainability –

the WANDERBOX combines all of these aspects


julia and stefan – the WANDERBOX developers

We are a civil engineer, an architect and a carpenter. Design and quality play an important role in our daily life. The space we live in needs an identity and character. We have always found such a space no matter where - in Spain, Austria, United Kingdom or Germany. Once we found this place we wished to make it our home. more»



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7 and 11 march 2020  

Event as part of the

MCBW WANDERBOX at KUSCH&CO – invitation to follow


Mobile life



  Presentation of the WANDERBOX as part of

Munich Creative Business Week



Saturday, March 7, 2020, 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

and / or

Wednesday, March 11, 2020, 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.  


in the KUSCH & CO. showroom

Nymphenburger Strasse 51,

80335 Munich   

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maintenance and repairs


The WANDERBOX is easy to maintain to preserve its longevity.



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